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Versatile multimedia artist, videographer and 3d animator.

     I have spent decades to discipline myself in a variety of art methodologies. I have strived to reach a balance between difference and identity and await the opportunity to work with a company in which will excel my talents and offer me the chance to prove my skills.


Numerous years spent studying three dimensional design, color theory and conceptual artistic practice with hand crafted arts. I have utilized graphical sculpture and digital design and have made every attempt to delve within the construction of the now. What many consider the impossible is only a short reach into what is probable.


I have spent the last five years’ screenplay and script writing a variety of works, produced various video shorts and currently planning on entering national film festivals. I enjoy writing with others and no specific genre of content is outside of my capability to excel.

Video production skills including editing, visual effects and practical filming cover my current skill set in film media. Corporate branding including logo design, web page structural conception and marketing strategies describe my ability to design for the business world.


In summary I have spent my life anchored to artistic endeavor from construction of the now to conceptualization beyond tomorrow and only desire to share this vision with the right organization.


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